With the rapid economic development, more and more fierce market competition, the user valve on the product requirements

are also more and more, and the service requirements are getting higher and higher; To this end, Yuhuan Crane Dream Tube

Co., Ltd. established a quality Service group,
To improve the quality of service to add sound work, pre-sale, sale, service work by professional staff to complete


1, product quality commitment
All kinds of valves provided by our company according to GB, JB, SH and other related domestic standard Quasi as well as ANSI, JIS, BS, DIN and other foreign standards of design and manufacture and inspection and acceptance
2, product delivery commitments
We pledge to provide brand new, defect-free products, along with related

product offerings Drawings and other technical documents
3, after-sales service commitment
Our product warranty period of 12 months from the factory, the

implementation of "three guarantees" service (Baotui, Baohuan, repair).

Products in use my company regularly organize technology,Quality control

personnel to visit ...

Our products and services can
Enough to promise to you

stable quality

Implementation of the entire

process of quality control, nuanced,
Full range of testing!



The price is reasonable

Efficient internal cost control reduces openingSupport, to help customers!

Fast delivery

Advanced production lines,

adequate stocking,Shorten the delivery!